Title: EXTRATOS DE A DOUTRINA SECRETA Vol. Seleção de passagens do volume em que H. P. Blavatsky comenta Dottrina Segreta – vol 2 (2 di 2). A Doutrina Secreta. Helena P. Blavatsky Theosophy and Helena Blavatsky · A DOUTRINA SECRETA a tradução passo a passo da edição original da obra. (43) The Lemuro-Atlanteans build cities and spread civilization. The incipient stage of anthropomorphism. (44) Their statues, witnesses to the size of the.

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An anthropologist would feel more than embarrassed to class, divide and subdivide them; the more so, as the respective descendants of all these antediluvian races and tribes known as little of their own forefathers themselves, as if they had fallen from the moon.

By this name celestial beings, the Dhyan-Chohans or Dhyani-Buddhas, are generally meant. Built deep in the bowels of the earth, the subterranean stores are secure; and doutrinq their entrances are concealed in such oases, there is little fear that anyone should discover them, even should several armies invade the sandy wastes where—.

They have disappeared without leaving the slightest trace behind them. One such, sprung on the sepulchre of a vast city swallowed by and buried under the sandy soil of the folume, belongs to no one, but is often visited by Mongolians and Buddhists.

Toward the end of the first quarter of this century, a distinct class of literature appeared in the world, which became with every year more defined in its tendency.


Epicurus and Lucretius taught the same, only adding to the lateral motion of the atoms the idea of affinity — an occult teaching. Such vilume point of preliminary observation, doutfina those who would like to get a more correct understanding of the mysteries of the pre-archaic periods given in the texts, cannot be offered to them in these two volumes. Fintan added it Nov 10, Yet dourtina traces of an immense civilization, even in Central Asia, are still to be found.


The “first” cannot be the absolutefor it is a manifestation. Paratantra is that, whatever it is, which exists only through a dependent or causal connexion, and which has to disappear as soon as the cause from which it proceeds is removed — e.

In Blavatsky arrived in New York from Paris where, impelled decreta her teachers, she began her work. Human Gods and Divine Men Though, as it now stands, it contains nothing new to the Orientalist, its esoteric interpretation may contain a good deal which has hitherto remained entirely unknown to the Western student.

The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2 of 2: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy

Is it likely, then, that he dealt more tenderly with the Chaldean records, which were already menacing the new religion, so rashly accepted? Have they got it in its completeness? Jace marked it as to-read Sep 01, Alejandra is currently reading it Sep 07, Tom Marchand marked it as to-read Jan 24, In other words, no purely spiritual Buddhi divine Soul can have an independent conscious existence before the spark which issued from the pure Essence of the Universal Sixth principle, — or the OVER-SOUL— has a passed through vollume elemental form of the phenomenal world of that Manvantara, and b acquired individuality, first by natural impulse, and then by self-induced and self-devised efforts checked by its Karmathus ascending through all the degrees of intelligence, from the lowest to the highest Manas, from mineral and plant, up to the holiest archangel Dhyani-Buddha.

Kittah Gerhardt marked it as to-read Jan 10, Should the present volumes meet with a favourable reception, no effort will be spared to carry out the scheme of the work in its entirety. There are many kinds of pralaya dissolution of a thing visibleas will be shown elsewhere.


The Mystics and the Philosophers, the Eastern and Western Pantheists, synthesize folume pregenetic triad in the pure divine abstraction.

Were they published complete they would remain incomprehensible to all save the few higher occultists. When a tourist coming from a well-explored country, suddenly reaches secrets borderland of a terra incognita, hedged in, and shut out from view by a formidable barrier of impassable rocks, he may still refuse to acknowledge himself baffled in his exploratory plans.

Why is this so?

Title: A Doutrina Secreta – Vol. 2 – Simbolismo Arcaico Universal – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Thus, were one to translate into English, using only the substantives and technical terms as employed in one of the Tibetan and Senzar versions, Verse I would read doutrinq follows: The Secret Doctrine is the essence of all these. This desire for a sentient aa shows itself in everything, from an atom to a sun, and is a reflection of the Divine Thought propelled into objective existence, into a law that the Universe should exist.

It denies Deity no more than it does the Sun. Dana marked it as to-read May 08, But all such proofs must lose their value, in the presence of the latest theory worked out by Prof.

This process has been going on from all eternity, and our present universe is but one of an infinite series, which had no beginning and will have no end. No doubt the mystification played, in the last century at Calcutta, by the Brahmins upon Colonel Wilford and Sir William Jones was a cruel one.