South Holland Metal Finishing has been approved for Zinc-Nickel plating specs GMW , GMW , and GMW Just approved in July GMW. General Motors – GMW Zinc Alloy Plating. This specification covers the basic requirements for barrel or rack electrodeposited zinc alloy plating over a. ZINC PHOSPHATE PLUS APPROVED ORGANIC SEALER. GM. GMW CORROSION PROTECTIVE COATINGS-ZINC ALLOY PLATINGS. 8UM. ZN-FE.

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It has been shown that this range of concentrated nickel gmw4700 good corrosion performance gmw4700 it is suitable for parts that are formed or crimped after plating. Table 1 lists the zinc alloy finishes covered by this specification.

GMWpdf – 文档天空 – OFFICE办公文档下载 (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF)

Automated Rack and Precision Barrel processes available for all coatings. Gmw4700 and Black Chromate available Thickness Control: This test should gmw4700 run for initial approval of the finish material. This has been accomplished through the continuous improvement and adaptability of our automated plating lines.

Wolverine Plating can provide advice as to whether tin-zinc coating is the right choice for your next project. North Gmw4700 Engineering Standards, Records and Gmw4700 Page gmw4700 of 4 1 Scope This specification covers the basic requirements for barrel or rack electrodeposited zinc alloy plating over a ferrous substrate. By continuing to gmw4700 the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Only the latest approved standards are ap- plicable unless otherwise specified. The label gmw4700 exhibit gmw4700 blistering, wrinkling, visible loss of adhesion or color change. When running this test for the initial ap- proval of the finish material use labels with an acrylic gmw4700 measuring approximately 2.

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Also available from the company are comprehensive design, fabrication and installation of completely computerized plating facilities. From job shop orders gmw4700 high-volume production million partsInduplate has the capacity and personnel available to meet your needs.

These fasteners shall be subject to gmw4700 testing monitoring through the use of surrogate M10 gmw4700 1. Metric threaded fasten- ers M6 gmw4700 larger requiring torque-tension gmw4700 be specified on the part drawing with a suffix Code G.

Zinc alloy plating is espe- cially suitable for small to medium ferrous parts such as castings, stampings, clips, fasteners and other ferrous parts where levels of corrosion pro- tection exceeding pure zinc are required. Parts that require both a label and a post treatment gmw4700 be gmw4700 tested per GMP for 96 h. The test results shall be maintained in a file to be submitted when required. Supplementary treatment is not applicable to gmw4700 ness measurements. Gmw4700 of this finish on fasteners could affect the torque-tension gmw4700.

Gmw4700 leave this gmw47000 empty. The coating shall have good adhesion to base material. The Coefficient of friction of threaded fasteners gmw4700 be 0.

Fastener Technology International October/November 2010 : Page 14

Parts with this coating shall gmw4700 have any negative effect gmw4700 recyclability of the parts. The plating to this specification shall be exposed per GMP 40 Cycles. The finish is also free of hex chrome. ISOgmw4700 scopic gm4700 to measure the thickness of plating shall be used as a referee test. There shall be no blistering or flaking after any heat treatment as detailed in paragraph 3. When running gmw4700 gmw47700 for PPAP, use the production intent label.


This report examines some important characteristics to look for gmw4700 choosing or using a barrel plating company. Parts processed to the Gmw4700 black specification are a uniform, semi-glossy black in color.


Significant gmw4700 on parts other than threaded fasteners shall be gmw4700 surfaces ex- cluding sharp edges. Parts finished to the GMW clear speci-fication are semi-bright silver in color. Normal zinc electroplate plays gmw4700 important corrosion-protection role that will certainly never be completely eliminated, but nickel performs better in certain critical applications because it becomes slightly more noble than zinc, thus slowing the corrosion rate.

Chromates are RoHS compliant trivalent. And now, an additional reason for customers to choose Wolverine Plating Corp. Parts gmw4700 to the GMW clear specification are semi-bright silver in color. The gmw4700 spray test is only used to test the gmw4700 of gmw4700 alloy deposit and the effectiveness of the supplemental treatment.

In addition, Zinc-Nickel coated parts can withstand the formation of white rust for up to hours, and up gmw4700 1, hours for red rust. To meet increasing demands, Induplate also supports deadline needs offering the most gmw4700 turn times.

Gmw4700 percentage of alloying element present in the zinc alloy electrode- posit differs for each of the zinc alloys. According to Wolverine Plasting Corp. This test requirement is gmw4700 for initial approval of the finish material. The Communication is Confidential.