, English, Book, Illustrated edition: Hibernate made easy: simplified data Hibernate and JPA (Java persistence API) annotations / by Cameron McKenzie. Hibernate made easy: simplified data persistence with Hibernate and JPA (Java persistence API) annotations. by Cameron McKenzie. Print book. English. Documenting my progress through Cameron McKenzie’s “Hibernate Made Easy”.

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This is hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie book to get you started. The other books are so yucky. It is a database tool that I would not live without. Is this book available in India now? Hi Cameron Wallace McKenzieI did not read your mcenzie but your book on hibernate is having very high rating in Amazon. You can always order online at Flipkart for example http: As the title says, this book intends to make learning Hibernate as easy as possible.

I was thinking about writing some technical books, but so far I don’t start yet. Hi CameronFinally i bought your book hibernate made easy. He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie forever – Chinese proverb.

This is the book that helped me “get” Hibernate.

Mr Cameron, I’ve heard that you are writing a book for Spring. The codes does not relies on complicated Ant Build, confusing IDE configuration or complex database creation. That makes learning faster and focused.

Hibernate Made Easy by Cameron McKenzie (Books forum at Coderanch)

It’s simply awesome book. Thank you very much! You say read these books, yet give no basis for doing so. I believe that everything in the book is easyy relevant, though there may be new Hibernate features that have come out afterwards that will not be covered.


The examples used in the book are simple, easy to understand and re-producible. Or do you just want to buy that book in India? Everything in this book are kept to the basic simple mwde to explain it.

Although the book is priced a little hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie the high end, but let me assure you, if you want to understand the fundamentals of Hibernate quickly, this book is worth every penny.

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I was required to know Hibernate for my current project, and for the past 3 months I was struggling with it, not understanding why I cant call save everytime my persistence instance changes their properties, etc. I want to learn purchase its Indian edition to learn Hibernate.

Cameron has been asked this question earlier. While I have hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie long list of beefs with the book mostly layoutI still think it eqsy the best Hibernate resource I’ve seen. It was so easy to understand the author’s style of explanation that I purchased his book straight away. Recommended books for Hibernate framework.

I want to start learning hibernate from your book. In Hibernate Made Easy, author Cameron McKenzie does a great job in getting someone who is brand new to Hibernate, up and running quickly and understanding the basics of Hibernate to effectively take on its learning curve.

Thanks a lot for writing a book like this.

Its AprilGift me your book. I would suggest do a search on hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie forums. More information about Java Persistence with Hibernate on Amazon. When can we expect book to be available in India, and If it is available then could you please provide details? You may be also interested in: Like Head First Javalearning is mad funny experience, less boring than technical books, as the readers will be joined friendly, informative conversations with Hibernate experts.


This page seems nothing more than some link to some books I am typing it all mxkenzie hand. Hi Cameron, Just see this topic, you are amazing.

Since camerpn beginning inHibernate has been rapidly developing and becoming a first choice for persistence layer in many Java enterprise applications. If you read and do the example during weekend by Monday you can not only code you hibernate made easy by cameron mckenzie tell other developer what is Hibernate and how it work and how the application should implement in your project.

More information about Hibernate Search in Action on Amazon.

The author teaches you the basic concepts of persistence frameworks, how Hibernate works, how to configure development environment, how to use annotations instead of XML to build mappings from basic to advanced including inheritance. Then we have “In this review”: