Hi DMs, I ran this adventure for the first time a few days ago and it was a lot of fun, I think it’s one I will do again so looking for discussion on. Spoilers, do not read if you’ve never played Tales of yawning portal If this isn’t the right place, please do direct me to the right one. 5e. 12 May The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is the third adventure in Tales From the Yawning Portal for Dungeons and Dragons from Wizards of the.

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Surviving examples of this version are quite rare and are highly prized by collectors. I have been considering including it in my own ToA campaign. Greyhawk modules Greyhawk locations.

How Running Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Reversed My Opinion of It

That tamooachan, you can still maintain the pressure on the PCs, but control it a bit more depending on the number and efficacy of the potions that they find?

Hidden shrine of tamoachan Hidden Shrine of Lubaatum. Dora jokes aside, the creatures seemed exotic rather than silly. I had an alarm sound as soon as the trap was activated which alerted the rest of the party to hurry and re-group.

Bambra said it would appeal more to gamers who like mental challenges and problem solving. They would have helped me.

Hiddeen Posted by GlassJaw. But 5th Edition is all about finding a story—or hidden shrine of tamoachan least adding a little bit more detail to the world. It has made the game rather interesting.

Log in or sign up in seconds. I started the adventure with characters trapped at the lowest level, racing to escape the poisonous red fog.

Beings like a mummified centaur who was once a sacred offspring of Chiza-Aztlan, but now is an undead guardian oof tries to prevent any but the dead from entering the ruins of the temple, and to try and keep the dead contained therein hidden shrine of tamoachan escaping. Steve Jackson Games This entry was posted in Role-playing game history and tagged Hidden Hidden shrine of tamoachan of Tamoachankeyed illustrationsTomb of Horrorstournament module.


D&D Tales From the Yawning Portal: Exploring the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

Now, some really clever people might find a solution, but no, there are not “many ways to do so” Respect the opinions of others – Each table is unique, just because someone plays differently to you it does not make them wrong. It also includes an illustrated booklet with fifteen pictures depicting various parts of the shrine to be shown to the players at the appropriate time.

It fits the level range, the campaign setting, and makes sense as something the PCs hidden shrine of tamoachan stumble upon in the hex sandbox. Cleverness and solving the puzzles were awarded, but there were so many gotcha moments included in the game that it was entirely reasonable to take some hits for acting like a normal person with common sense. A separate booklet of artwork was included in the module, containing illustrations hidden shrine of tamoachan what the player characters would see in specific encounters, [7] including work by Otus, Jeff DeeGreg FlemingDavid Hidden shrine of tamoachan.

The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan – Wikipedia

He felt that the recommended levels of 5th-7th was a bit unrealistic, as the shrinf level characters would have a very hard time in the shrine, and felt that 6th-8th level characters would have a reasonable chance of success. So was 7th level the right level? They had been tasked with retrieving a mythical object from a forgotten tribe, which they accomplished, but were discovered at the thirteenth hour and hidden shrine of tamoachan had to flee.


The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Firstly, I felt like Shrind needed to do a lot hidden shrine of tamoachan preparation and planning. Most unusual for Greyhawk modules, the adventure therefore references Aztec gods such as Quetzalcoatl and others.

My favorite is where the adventures discover an animated pelota ball and must play a game — essentially quidditch — in order to pass on to the next stage. Sent from my iPhone using EN World mobile app.

Monday, 28th Hidden shrine of tamoachan, I reckon you could easily go for 6th level and still be ok, 5th level for hiddden challenging but possible game. Want to add to the discussion? Leason reached beyond Aztec and Mayan culture tamoafhan inspiration. For this adventure, my group was made up of four level five characters.

Take a look at room 34, for instance:. Wizards of the Coast. The adventure begins as the heroes are swallowed by a giant hole in the ground and end up in a room with a locked door. I wanted to give the game an urgent feel and I explained beforehand that this was going to be challenging, hidden shrine of tamoachan so than the level adventures we have been playing together so far.

It lent real tension to the early part of the adventure, and they were incredibly relieved when they got out of the poisonous atmosphere! The presence of the gas means PCs do not gain the usual hit point recovery from a long rest and is clearly there to hidden shrine of tamoachan as an incentive for the players not to linger.