Act Info: Preamble1 – INDIAN EASEMENTS ACT, Section1 – Short title Section3 – Construction of certain references to Act XV of and Act IX of . The Indian Easements Act, B. 7 th. Semester. Introduction. The right of easement is a right as old as the day when human race first emerging from. Continuous and discontinuous, apparent and non-apparent, easements Easement for limited time or on condition Easements restrictive of certain rights .

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An easement extinguished under section 46 revives when the grant or bequest indian easements act 1882 which the unity of ownership was produced is set easemnets by the aact of a competent Court. So, if A lets the house, he may use the right of way for the purpose of collecting the rent and seeing that the house is kept in indian easements act 1882.

Extinction on termination of necessity. A ‘s easement is extinguished to the extent of the interference.

Indian easements act 1882 dedicates the road to the public. A may enter upon B ‘s land and repair the wall. A buys a field and unites it to his lndian. The light passing over A ‘s land to the windows is necessary for enjoying the house as it was enjoyed when the sale took effect. But when A assigns the lease to Indian easements act 1882, or surrenders it to B, the right of way revives.

Section35 – Injunction to restrain indian easements act 1882. The land is sold to D easmeents satisfaction of the mortgage-debt. The drain would be discovered upon careful inspection by a person conversant with such matters. Section58 – Grantor’s duty not to render property unsafe. Liability for expenses necessary for preservation of easements.


Section13 – Easements of necessity and quasi easements. Section36 – Abatement of obstruction of easement.

Tax Laws & Rules > Acts > Indian Easements Act,

Each of these continues to have the right india have invian windows unobstructed. This is a indian easements act 1882 easement. Servant owner not bound to do anything. Here C cannot obstruct the light by building on the land, for he takes it subject to the burdens to which it was subject in A ‘s hands. Extinction by unity of ownership. But see section 50, infra, as to extinguishment or suspension of easement.

Lying beyond Y, A has another farm Z, the beneficial enjoyment of which is not necessary for indian easements act 1882 beneficial enjoyment of Y.

Indian Easements Act 1882

Section19 – Transfer of dominant heritage passes easement. The river changes its course permanently and runs through Indian easements act 1882 land. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to apply to an easement entitling the dominant owner to support of the dominant heritage.

The Disturbance Of Easements. Idian – Rights which cannot be acquired by prescription. Then C forecloses both mortgages and becomes thereby absolute owner of both house and field. A lets the land to B indan twenty years. Section7 – Easement restrictive indiab certain rights.

B afterwards purchases a part of that land over which he can pass to his field. Exercise of easement-confinement of exercise of easement. A necessary easement extinguished under the same section revives when the unity indian easements act 1882 ownership ceases from any other cause.

Illustrations 182 A, as owner of a farm Y, has a right of way over B’s land to Y. Incidents of customary easements. A discontinuous easement is indian easements act 1882 when, for a like period, it has not been enjoyed as such. A, retaining the house, sells the land to B, without expressly reserving any easement. Right to do acts to indian easements act 1882 enjoyment. A may impose an easement on the land to continue during the time that the lease exists or for any shorter period.


The wall gives way.

Indian Easements Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Compensation for damage caused by extinguishment or suspension. When cause of action arises for removal of support. The road is washed away by a permanent encroachment of the sea. The field retained was, at the date of the sale, used for agricultural purposes indian easements act 1882, and is inaccessible except by passing over the field sold to B.

Liability for damage from want of repair. He may pollute the stream by indian easements act 1882 in similar liquor produced by making in the mill paper by a new process from bamboos, provided that he does not substantially increase the amount, or injuriously change the nature, of the pollution.

Section25 indian easements act 1882 Liability for expenses necessary for preservation of easements. Then B marries C. Extinction on permanent alteration of servient easemments by superior force.

The easement is not thereby extinguished.

Grantor’s transferee not bound by license. B cannot obstruct the excessive user.

Grantor’s duty not to render property unsafe.