Items 1 – 16 of 16 The Novaco Anger Scale (NAS) is a self-report questionnaire with Cognitive, Arousal, and Behavioral subscales that constitute a item NAS. The Novaco Anger Scale (NAS) is a self-report questionnaire with Cognitive, Arousal, and Behavioral subscales that constitute a item NAS Total score. This study investigated the reliability and validity of the Novaco Anger Scale ( NAS; Novaco, ) with two groups of correctional offenders, General Admissions.

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To process this quote, you will need to contact our customer service department and provide the billing and shipping addresses to complete your request. Based on an age-stratified sample of 1, individuals, with separate norms for children and teens 9 to 18 and adults 19 and older.

One intended use of the NAS is for evaluation scle the treatment received. No test-retest reliability is available at this time. The NAS was a significant predictor of postdischarge violence at week and 1-year follow-ups. Independent studies have found it to be related to violence by psychiatric patients before hospital admission, during hospitalization, and in the community after hospital discharge. The test has shown good test—retest reliability in nonclinical, clinical, and angfr samples.

Being overcharged by a repair person who has you over a barrel. Only one item had a higher factor loading on any of the factors other than factor one. As you get out of your car someone yells at you, “where did you learn to drive?

Novaco Anger Scale: reliability and validity within an adult criminal sample.

It has a separate item Anger Regulation subscale. It has a separate item Anger Regulation subscale. The participants were Vietnam veterans and their partners.


Separate norms are provided for preadolescents and adolescents 9 to 18 and adults 19 and older.

Novaco Anger Scale (Forensic Psychology) IResearchNet

Merge will add to the items in your current shopping cart. Show Hide Page Numbers. Looks like you do not have access to this content. Try to imagine the incident actually happening to you, and then indicate the extent to which it would have made you angry. The Novaco Anger Scale 60 itemswhich tells you how an individual experiences anger, and the Provocation Inventory 25 itemswhich identifies the kind of situations that induce anger in particular individuals.

It appears that the scale short form has never been ‘normed’ nor investigated with respect to it’s psychometric properties. You are in a discussion with someone who persists in arguing about a topic they know very little about.

The NAS subscales pertain to anger disposition domains, as linked to an environmental context.

This scale displays a convergent validity of. Click here for free trial login. Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law. Intervention Resources There are no related products. You lend someone an important book or tool, and they fail to return it.

A validation study of the Novaco Anger Inventory. It can also be administered to clients who are mentally disordered or developmentally delayed, though items may have to be read to these individuals. Given that anger is now recognized as a dynamic variable associated with violent behavior and that anger treatment efficacy has been demonstrated, the NAS would seem to have value for case formulation as the cognitive, arousal, and behavioral domains lend themselves to identification of the psychological deficits associated with anger dysregulation.


The NAS-PI manual elaborates on the theoretical background and history of instrument development, the principles for its use and interpretation, validity issues, and the psychometric properties ascertained from a number of research investigations. A schematic network of memories and meanings centrally influence the experience of anger and its expression. Request a quote for the items currently in your cart. Would you like to purchase the product anyway?

In the actual situations, the degree of anger that you would experience would depend on other factors that are not specified in the items such as what kind of situation, how the act occurred, etc.

This subscale is composed of cognitive, arousal, and behavior items. The items on this scale svale situations that are related to anger arousal. Each CD is good for 25 uses.

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WPS Authors Meet our distinguished researchers and authors. Anger arousal is marked by physiological activation in the cardiovascular, endocrine, and limbic systems and by tension in the skeletal musculature. However, I decided to follow this up as the ranges appeared discordant to the mild interpretations offered.

This is a work in progress, but I hope it helps. Normative data are based on an age-stratified sample of 1, individuals, from 9 to 84 years of age.