8 Dec RedTacton is a Human Area Networking technology/Wireless Network, which is developed by Robin Gaur Jind, that uses the surface of the human body as a. 4 Apr ISSN: Page Red Tacton – A Human Area Networking. Technology. Gamini Gopi#1, R. Ravi Kumar. Abstract. We discuss the background and principles for the development of near- human-body electric-field communications technology and describe two key.

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Take a look at the figure below to know the exact comparison between all the technologies. Now is the era of widespread computing. This has made to the breakthrough of Redtacton technology technology. Redtacton technology is a better and innovative Human Area Networking technology redtacton technology helps to turn any human body surface to a fast network transmission path. Usually networks are been classified as: Comparison with Wireless Networks The chart below technoloby the comparison of the wireless technologies with the RedTacton technology.

Communication is possible using any redtacton technology surfaces, such as the hands, fingers, arms, feet, face, legs or torso.

To allow transmission redtacton technology data at high speed and operating range, RedTacton technology has been made into existence. The near-body electric field is modulated and can be read and demodulated through these couplings. There are many drawbacks in most of the network and communication technologies.

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But, when it comes to security reasons, wi-fi is a problem. Simple handshaking helps in exchanging the data between the mobile terminals on the user.


Views Read Edit View redtacton technology. We have confirmed that the actual electric field produced by our prototype transmitter is an order of redtacton technology smaller than regulation levels for short-range wireless schemes. Intuitive operation Communication takes place through simple human movements and actions.

Learn how and redtacton technology to remove these template messages. Retrieved from ” https: Principles and strengths of the technology A model of the distribution redtacton technology the electric field around the human body is shown in Fig. This technology-related article is a stub.

RedTacton Transceiver Block Diagram. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

So there is no need or requirement of cables, cards, or other electronic devices. Factors for stable communication. A key aspect of the technology is the behavior of the AC electric field, which can be summarized in terms of three components produced techmology the body when an AC signal is applied to redtacton technology parallel-plate electrode attached to redtacton technology body.

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Applications The main applications of RedTacton Technology are described below: This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat I wana do tis project…can u redtacton technology sent the components required for the circuit…and the circuit diagram using tat components to my mail. Thus, this method is completely different redtacton technology other signal transmitting technologies like wireless and infrared. We also added a function enabling the reactance circuit to follow changes in this floating capacitance as the body moves, resonating with it.

We have discussed about various infrared and Bluetooth wireless technologies in our recent posts. An Artificial Pancreas Tutorial Pancreas is the glandular organ located in the abdomen in between stomach retacton spine. Login Sign up Cart 0. Any Redtacton technology Any transmission media like conductors, dielectrics can be used other than human body.


Redtacton Receiver senses redtacton technology change in electric redtacton technology on the body surface caused by the transmitter. Redtacton technology of sensor is given to the detector. Both the body and the transmitter are floating with respect to the earth ground and are loosely coupled to it through this floating capacitance. According o science studies, we know that our body is creating redtacton technology electric charges all the time. Who I tehcnology contact?

Any transmission media like conductors, dielectrics can be used other than human body.

RedTacton Technology

Here physical connection is required at a high rate for data transmission. In particular, we are providing a bidirectional communications version designed for redtacton technology security applications and are working to further reduce the size and cost of redtacton technology communication modules. Register, configure and set up details for the user can be uploaded to the device at once the device is rddtacton. He received the M.