Excellent free app Good interface And smooth Have some minor bugs hope that too will be fixed soon:) Medha Memu. January 19, Nice app we want. Along with Ponniyin Selvan (பொன்னியின் செல்வன்), Sivagamiyin sapatham (சிவகாமியின் சபதம்) is widely regarded as one of. Sivagamiyin sabatham is a Tamil historical novel written by Kalki in Believed by some to be one of the first historical novels in Tamil it was originally.

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What a thrilling journey!!

It sivagamiyin sabatham in like living in that period and actually witnessing the events that the author is talking about. Oct 04, Ravi Sankar rated it really liked it.

Kalkiyin Sivagamiyin Sabatham (Tamil)

Kudos to the translator for treading that fine line between maintaining the original cultural aspect while not sivagamiyin sabatham in perspective of it being an English translation. Special mention for the audio book. And we also meet Paranjothi, the youth whom fate destines to be the commander of the Pallava army and friend sivagamiyih Narasimhavarman.

The Pallava dynasty has accomplished so much that you are not sure why they are not given their due credit in the Indian history. But Mahendravarman tries to convince and finally makes sure Narasimhavarman is not in sivagamiyin sabatham in when Pulakesi enters it, by asking the sivagamiyin sabatham in to go to war with the pandia kings in the south.

She cites the vow as sivagamiyin sabatham in reason and refuses to come with Narasimhavarman when he makes a secret visit to come and rescue her. When your rating is in 2 decimal places, you know you have thought a lot about the book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Vickram Android Apps are there for sivagamiyin sabadham, sabathham kanavu and Ponniyin selvan.

Refresh and try again. But I was trapped by his writing and I lost my dinner that night sivagamiyin sabatham in finally put asbatham the book after Would sifagamiyin to read once again! Magnificent literary work by Kalki. Another noteworthy aspect in this work is the inclusion of Appar Thirunavukkarasarthe great saivite saint one among the nayanmars and some of the devaram songs. Sep 10, Sridhar Sivagamiyon rated it it was amazing.


Sivagamiyin sabatham in, Pulikesi, an able and valorous king of Sivgamiyin dynasty hears about the glory of Kanchi and sets his heart to plunder the city. Though it’s a fiction, there are several historical facts which give preview of beautiful era of Tamilnadu. And realised that I had read only 2 parts! No ideal characters distilled of goodness.

Kalkiyin Sivagamiyin Sabatham (Tamil) by Sri on Spotify

What further adds to Nangandhi’s anguish is the non-subjugation sivagamiyin sabatham in Sivagami. I’ve never seen elephantry bulldozing a fort, but I did when Narasimhavarman’s army attacked the Vathapi fort! But sivagamiyin sabatham in ends up saving the damsel Sivagami and her father Aayannar from a mad elephant by throwing a spear at it, almost by reflex. Love, revenge, patriotism, humour, affection Feb 28, Mohan Iyer rated it it was amazing.

சிவகாமியின் சபதம் [Sivagamiyin Sabatham] by Kalki

Historicalromance sivagamiyin sabatham in, spythrillernovel. Honour, love and friendship are important themes that run through the course of the novel.

The best sivagamjyin is Mahendravarma Pallavan. But the city of Kanchi has stocked sivagaiyin and continues to thrive and Pulakesi realises that his forces are sivagamiyin sabatham in out of food and the elephants are slowly turning uncontrollable. Mar 18, Girish rated it really liked it. The strategies conceived by Mahendra and flawlessly executed by him and his spies to deceive Pulikesi were simply awesome.

Mahendravarman I, the Pallava emperor plays an important role in the first half of the story while his son Narasimhavarman comes into his own as the novel progresses.

Sep 25, Sampath Kumar sivagamiyin sabatham in it it was amazing Shelves: The siege of Sivagamiyin sabatham in by Pulakesi begins. This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat That night Paranjothi is arrested by the guards and is kept in a cell since Mahendravarman wants to see and jail the young man who saved the life of his most important artists. May 03, Meera Srikant rated it really liked it. Naganandhi confesses his love for Sivagami to a shocked Pulakesi, who promises to take care of Sivagami.


He is bed ridden and realises his folly of extending a hand of friendship to the Chalukya king. The prince, sculptor and the dancer sivagamiyin sabatham in with Gundodharan a student of Aayannar who is sivagamiyin sabatham in a spy working for the Pallavas take refuge in the village, Mandapapattu. Naganandhi dressed as the king Pulakesi rescues Aayannar from the soldiers. Pulakesi deciphers the letter that Paranjothi ij carrying to mean the young man should be given the secret of the Sabahham dyes.

I imagine how grand it would be if someone got Kalki’s writings on screen.

View all 7 comments. The romance between Narasimhavarman further blossoms with Sivagami getting convinced that the prince sivagamiyin sabatham in eventually marry her even though she is a poor sculptor’s daughter. He orders Narasimhavarman to avenge this shame to the Pallava dynasty and rescue Sivagami from the un of the Pulikesi.

Book Giveaway 1 15 May 11, I never thought of reading a full book before, but it had happened by his fascinating narrating of the story. Other characters are interspersed into the story seamlessly and sivagamiyin sabatham in action moves at a furious pace with bits of historical facts here and there to enable the reader understand the characters.

Many thanks to Kalki for bringing me the habit of reading books!!. The story further continues on how the sivagamiyin sabatham in unfolds between the Pallava and Chalukya kings on the backdrop of a beautiful love story of Sivakami and Mamallar.