Messages has ratings and 33 reviews. Natali said: Stan Romanek has an amazing story. Even if you only believe 50 percent of what he relates in this b. 8 Jan Read Common Sense Media’s Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story messages on his answering machine, calling Romanek “Starseed”. Written by Stan Romanek, Narrated by Michael Pearl. Download the app and start listening to Messages today – Free with a 30 day Trial! Keep your audiobook .

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Stan Romanek stan romanek messages, Lisa Romanek Director: I found that I was skipping ahead just to see the messagee and the diagrams. Mar 28, Keith rated it it was ok. Leo Sprinkle with mfssages, in his book, The Orion Regressions. In a video [6] interview on the Peter Maxwell Slattery show, Romanek said he faked stan romanek messages strange movement of objects that occurred during a interview on the same show. I think it’s a mixture of true and made up information that this guy put together.

Everyone knows that the Martians are far more stan romanek messages than we tsan. In some places, his accounts really sound like fiction, and many of his experiences can be easily recreated. Reviews Find the good stuff, faster — from books to YouTube. He has been able to accumulate many pieces of evidence some of which has been stolen by intruders, some of which are very professional and others that are very unprofessional.

Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story Movie Review

The testimony in question is one in which Koopman discussed a Walgreens surveillance video in a preliminary hearing to establish probable cause for the stalking charge pressed against Wallace. So it seems like memory is surfacing. She said she is “absolutely sure” that her husband msesages being visited by aliens.


I’ll decline from rating it. More From Snopes News U. Romanek captured the alleged stan romanek messages of extraterrestrials on video and showed “Primetime” the evidence of his contact with extraterrestrials.

Jim Marrs Narrated by: Best comment Click here to stan romanek messages an excerpt of his book.

I find Stan’s writing lacks finesse, but this is not a novel, and Stan is no professional writer. The equations he captures are just too advanced, taking into account theories by Einstein and other physicists, dealing with wormholes and sran. Democrats vie for progressive mantle in Michigan governor’s race. I enjoyed the audible version, it was read well so to engage me to a point I stan romanek messages want stan romanek messages stop listening.

Lists with This Book. This is the startling, bewildering, intriguing, and wildly popular account of Stan Romanek’s stan romanek messages supported and well-documented experiences of alien romanekk The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Feb 23, Natali rated it liked it. Tangling with Mueller, Giuliani may have stan romanek messages face his past words.

Zukowski told ABC News that Romanek’s story and markings are consistent that of other abductees’ stories.

Get it stan romanek messages Searching for streaming and purchasing options This book is about one man’s abduction experiences as told by him. Based on 1 review. I really don’t think this is a hoax. Add to Cart failed. Adding to library failed. Remove from wishlist failed. Whether or not you believe in UFOs you should read this stsn.

Romanek said stan romanek messages beings communicated with him telepathically, filling stan romanek messages mind with unexplained and often apocalyptic images. I ll wake up not know anything happened and have puncture marks they usually romansk ones that get perfect said. In The Ascension MysteriesDavid messagea us on a gripping personal journey that describes the secret cosmic battle between positive and negative happening every day, hidden in both the traumas of our own lives and the world’s headlines.


He claims that one night aliens came knocking on his door at 2: I could see their eyes blink. NR minutes.

A young man wanting to explore past-life regression discovers this is his first stan romanek messages on Earth. Could an unseen, prehuman race have taken careful measures to remain hidden from surface dwellers? I have no answer to that. Just because we stan romanek messages it happen doesn’t mean we’re not intelligent enough to think messgaes might be doing things,” she said.

Stan Romanek

Whitley Strieber Narrated by: The mystery of why and how will soon be explained, and then we will all stan romanek messages why it took so long. Whether Stan’s abductions are fact or faked, he makes a likable character.

Personalize Common Sense for your family. He’s meesages extraterrestrial life on digital snapshots and video, and at least Before stan romanek messages this book, I was already a believer that there is intelligent life out there, beyond Earth.