Riding the Storm (ACRO Series, Book 1) [Sydney Croft] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A storm’s rage. A woman’s desire. A man with the. Sydney Croft is really the writing team of Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler. ACRO or The Agency for Covert Rare Operatives is a paranormal and quite erotic . Sydney Croft. From $ # The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance – Book # of the ACRO. The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance.

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No further discussion needed. They met in a steamy Florida bar–then spent a ni… More. Usually, coming to and taking possession of the body she shared with her sister was the nightmare, but sometimes, like tonight, her dreams were far worse than waking up in some strange bed, in some strange country, possibly with some strange man. The man on fire was too distracting.

Melanie flopped back down on the pillow, afraid to sleep…but what sucked was that she was even more afraid to be awake. Shelve Seduced by the Storm.

A man with the power to set them both free. But he does want her.

Croft isn’t pulling any punches in this finale, and the angst and action is at a fever pitch. Soon, Sela will put her corft charms to work on Logan, determined to extract information about the creature they are seeking. And now, thanks to her nightmares, she was bone-chillingly aware of exactly how it had all gone down. These titles were previously released in the Mamm… More.


Melanie rarely gets out to play—much less fall in love. She never knew where she was going to wake up. Others could communicate with animals, axro with ghosts and there was a small army of men — excedosapiens — who had super strength or speed. The first thing Mel had seen was the face of the extremely pissed-off man who was trying to kill her. Lush, haunting, and provocative, New Orleans has something to satisfy every desire—as three very lucky women are about to discover.

ACRO Series

Mainly, because they pulled at his libido, an unfortunate and common side-effect for any elementalist. As long as Melanie stays in control, she is his best ally to bring down her sister and stop hellish havoc from being unleashed.

A pull that got him up and moving fast, hands jammed in his pockets to hide his sudden arousal. Knowing that made him more wary than usual. Melanie, with the power to ice anything in her path, is heating things up in ways that are setting aydney blood on fire. Qcro Desires by Sydney Croft. They met in a steamy Florida bar—then spent a night of mind-bending passion. With ACRO and Itor both bearing down, the three men must figure out how to forgive, how to work together, and how to love each other—or the coming battle will destroy them all.

Panic wrapped around her as she slapped a trembling hand down on the mattress, groping blindly for something familiar. Hot Nights, Dark Desires Inspired by the sultry heat and sensual ambiance of New Orleans, this steamy collection delves into the erotic underground of the Big Easy. A product of genetic manipulation, Melanie Milan shares a body with her malevolent sister Phoebe.

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And with their lives are on the line, they find they must not only work together, but aydney together, or risk a terrifying fate that could consume them both…. His gaze strayed upward, and he caught sight of a woman on a balcony, a blond woman who waved her arms wildly and was apparently having a rather animated conversation with…herself. Into the Storm by Sydney Croft.

Stryker had seen that firsthand, would wake nightly from the same recurrent nightmare that played out as it had in real life in the jungle, with the icy personality pleading with him for her life, but he refused to let his resolve down. Taming the Fire by Sydney Croft.

Sydney Croft ~ The New York Times Bestselling Writing Duo of Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler

We get to see all the ACRO agents in action and they all come out blazing with their special abilities. Seduced by the Storm Danger is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Stryker had been out for blood ever since – his easy-going personality fading into the background as his hunger for vengeance for his fellow murdered ACRO agent grew with each passing day. The ending is worth those few fingernail biting instances, though. He nodded, had heard that before.