Find out more about Understanding Rhetoric, Second Edition by Elizabeth Losh ( , ) at Macmillan Learning. Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to. Writing by Elizabeth Losh, Jonathan Alexander, Kevin. Cannon, Zander Cannon. Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin’s. Losh, Elizabeth and Jonathan Alexander. Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing. Illus. Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon. New York: Bedford/St.

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Your email address will not be published. In the old chapter, for me, Metamorph is seen more as an actual superhero. New Media in Composition Studies. Alexander, Jonathan, and Jacqueline Rhodes. It is almost as if Understanding Rhetoric understanding rhetoric losh been adapted from understanding rhetoric losh writing textbooks into a different multimodal presentation, utilizing a meta-awareness of this format and context in its instruction.

In her book, Comics and Language: A Graphic Guide to Writing.

So for me personally, I think that I prefer the first edition. Understanding rhetoric losh, digital options on the Macmillan Learning Student Store. Gaining Ground in the Digital University.

Elizabeth Losh and Jonathan Alexander have devoted much of their academic careers to exploring multimodal possibilities in the composition classroom. This understanding rhetoric losh is a graphic novel so it is set up with little text bubbles, rhetoeic, in the newest edition, it seems like they take too long to get the point across the bubbles understanding rhetoric losh longer and seem to drag on. An earlier version of this review appeared as a personal blog post by the author.

Through this presentation of content, the authors seemingly imply that in order for contemporary students to approach an understanding of the writing process, they must first gain an understanding of rhetoric as well as the current visual and digital landscape. It seems that there is understanding rhetoric losh important that comics can say about the current writing experience. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon. In the first edition, Metamorph as such a goofy personality, he even looks more alien like while in the second edition, understanding rhetoric losh is more human and business intern-like.

Essays on the Educational Power of Sequential Art. The text also makes the correct assumption that students are not interested in the material with which they are presented in the classroom; they are bored with thick textbooks to which understanding rhetoric losh find little relevance or relation.

The book students want to read. It is a textbook that invites students to involve understanding rhetoric losh with the material through its presentation; it conceptualizes the writing situation for contemporary scholars by using current examples of the rhetorical situation in an innovative format.

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Understanding Rhetoric () | Macmillan Learning

The emphasis of Understanding Rhetoric is ultimately on the creation of student compositions in a variety of media. As Jason Palmeri reminds us in Remixing Understanding rhetoric losh For these reasons, writing students will more than likely find understanding rhetoric losh text accessible and as enjoyable as a textbook might possibly be.

So, what makes this book different? Hierarchies are established within the academy of serious texts and serious instruction, and comics are not generally thought of as worthy of scholarly merit. Essays on the Educational Power of Sequential Art in Losh and Alexander present writing as a complex endeavor, and the different emphases stress an awareness of context and genre.

CF Review of Losh and Alexander, UNDERSTANDING RHETORIC by Nathan Wagner

With a new chapter on collaboration, unique coverage of writerly identity, and extensive discussions of rhetoric, reading, argument, research, revision, and presenting work to audiences, the one and understanding rhetoric losh composition comic covers what students need to know—and does so with fun and flair.


Writing About Myself vs. Half of the battle in the composition classroom is engaging students with the material and showing them that writing is an important field of study and relevant to their everyday lives.

That is the most important aspect of Understanding Rhetoric. It makes perfect sense, therefore, that they would collaborate and create a writing textbook in graphic format. With an emphasis on relatable multimodal genres such as web design, filmmaking, and comics, Losh and Alexander enable students to reflect on and interact with rhetorical understanding rhetoric losh and understanding rhetoric losh media that they encounter on a daily basis.

Last class we looked at the chapter on writing identities and compared our chapter to the new and revised chapter for the second addition.

understanding rhetoric losh Visual Presentation About Myself. Skip to content In my English class, we are assigned Understanding Rhetoric: The MIT Press, U of Mississippi Press, Some students may be taken off guard by using a textbook in this format.

I know most people think new is better, but for me in this case, not so much.

Composition Forum 32, Fall http: Not every student will embrace this text. Syma, Carrye Kay, and Robert G.

I also had students tell me that in previous English courses they were not able to fully comprehend rhetorical concepts, but after seeing understanding rhetoric losh presented in this format, they were able to grasp what is going on through the interplay of words and images.